"Taking the most advantage that we can of game-day opportunities is critical to being able to sustain and grow our retail operation. RetailNext offers us as an opportunity to really analyze what's happening in the retail space."

Peter Sorckoff
Chief Creative Officer and SVP of Marketing

Atlanta Hawks uses retail analytics as a barometer for brand health with RetailNext


The Atlanta Hawks are a professional basketball team competing in the NBA as a member of the league's Eastern Conference Southeast Division. The team plays its home games at Philips Arena. The Atlanta Hawks recently made a significant change to their visual identity, which translated into on-court uniforms as well as all the retail products that they brand. Retail is very important to Atlanta Hawks as it's an extension of the fan’s experience at the Philips Arena.  Atlanta Hawks’ products elicit a lot of passion and deep excitement from fans which translates well into the retail space experience.


With the retail space at the Atlanta Hawks arena, it’s essentially forty-five ‘Black Fridays’ events in a year occurring on each game day over a three-hour window.  Each game has roughly 19,000 people on the Arena footprint of their retail space, trying to shop and share the same experience. Taking advantage of game-day opportunities is critical to sustain and grow their total retail operations. With a huge spike in visitor traffic over a short period of time, it is a challenge to understand where those game-day opportunities could be optimized.


RetailNext provides the Atlanta Hawks an opportunity to truly analyze what's happening in the retail space during games. It was important to optimize where to place goods, understand traffic flow, know how people are coming in and moving through the store, and if they are finding what they want in a timely matter. They believe retail is a barometer for brand health and they track some of the measurement around retail and back it up to other marketing KPIs. Retail analytics puts a more “paint on the canvas” to reinforce trends that they are seeing in other parts of the business. 

Retail analytics gave the Hawks great learnings about game days in terms of how many people are walking through their main store. It ended up being about a quarter of total game day attendees at a minimum walking through that Hawks Shop door in a span of three hours. With another, more boutique-style store, they learned that they are actually getting people in but weren’t actually converting those people. From these learnings, they were able to change their product assortment to optimize for conversions. 


  • Retail analytics that support marketing KPIs
  • Visitor analytics during Game Day rush

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