"With RetailNext we have the intelligence to allocate eight people instead of four people during peek days and hours, and then see the impact on the business."

Ilker Baydar
CEO at Markafoni

Markafoni uses smart store analytics to power it's shopper experience with RetailNext


Markafoni is primarily an eCommerce company and adding physical stories is an important goal. In Turkey, only two percent of retail is e-commerce, while ninety-eight percent is still offline.  For Markafoni to grow the business, it is critical to build out an offline retail revenue channel. 


In a country like Turkey offline demographics don't translate into e-commerce demographics. Being a data-driven company, it needed a way to match its e-commerce data driven approach with an in store data-driven approach to succeed. 


Markafoni decided to build a pilot store in Istanbul, and from the beginning had ideas for physical presence analytics and data as part of the strategy. Markafoni started a conversation with a sensormatic company which was a part of the security scope. In the process, Markafoni learned there are a lot of things beyond security they could help with, and they had an innovation vision for retail by using one of their partners, RetailNext. With this approach, it gave them visibility around who is coming, who is not coming into the store, and where they are moving for example. With this type of information gives is the ability to make decisions in a data-driven environment rather than by gut feeling.


With this approach, it can show us, for example, the highest traffic it's on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and specificity the hour period.  With this type of intelligence, they can staff, instead of four people, allocate eight people during these three days and during these three hours, and then measure the impact on the business.  If these date-driven test-cases works out, it is proven based on data, and then we can roll out across the stores. With a data-driven approach, I think we know a lot of things about our store that none of our competitors knows about their own stores.


  • Achieved a data-driven offline retailer goal

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