"We use RetailNext to track product engagement in the store and use this data to send back to the manufacturers. It allows them to know exactly how people are engaging with their products."

Vibhu Norby
Founder and CEO, b8ta

b8ta transforms showroom value with RetailNext


b8ta is a software-powered retail showroom for out-of-the-box consumer hardware and IoT products. With user experience at its core, b8ta gives makers complete control over their brands while providing the essential hands-on experience for consumers and early adopters.  b8ta’s business model is renting space inside of the store to emerging technology consumer electronics companies to showcase their products, teach customers about how the products work, and give them really engaging demos in the store. 


The expectation from their brands is delivering rich data on customer interaction with the products. In addition, because of b8ta’s success, the demand for products to be showcased is many more than space available. They needed a data-driven approach to prioritize which products to bring into the store. 


With RetailNext b8ta is able to track product engagement in the store. This helps B8ta understand what types of products are right for the showroom.  Even more granularly, b8ta is able to take this data and send it back to the manufacturers that they work with directly through the b8ta software.  It allows them to know it's exactly how people are engaging with the products in the store.


With 100’s of companies looking to showcase with b8ta, they are now able to use data to speed up the decision making process on which products to display.  For the manufacturer's that showcasing the are able to learn which demo’s are most engaging, how to best display them, and even help with pricing strategies.


  • Speed up decisions on product showcase priority
  • Learn quickly which demos are the most engaging
  • Understand product display and pricing strategy

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