"With RetailNext we get all the information we possibly need in terms of traffic, sales, and shopper yield. It's all there for you and saves me a TON of time."

Mason James
Head of Retail Operations at Marine Layer

Marine Layer Achieved Store Lift Conversions of Six Points in One Month


Marine Layer is a San Francisco-based company with a mission to make the softest, most comfortable t-shirts around. They started in 2009 with the first store in the San Francisco Marina and then expanded slowly within the bay area.  Over the last two or three years accelerated expansion to LA, Portland, Chicago, New York and Miami.


As they grew to 15+ stores, it became very difficult to know how each store was doing at the depth and detail needed to run the store operations effectively. They needed a more effective way to scale store operations across their entire geographically dispersed stores


Marine Layer deployed RetailNext across all their stores and was able to utilize the traffic counts and the POS integration. All of the stores have their own logins which were customized specifically so each store could see how the whole company is doing in addition to their own store. They can see each day, the traffic per hour breakdown, and daily comparisons. With a click of a button, dashboards are customized for all information any store operator could possibly need in terms of traffic, sales, shopper yield, etc. 


When they switched over to RetailNext, it gave them real data which helped them rely less on qualitative decision making, to a quantitative 100% certainty decision making. Rather than a feeling of how the stores were doing, with traffic counters, they now have true accurate data to validate how the stores are performing. With a data-driven approach and visibility on all the stores, it improved operations across the company and saved a lot of time.


  • Achieved store lift conversions of six points
  • Improved store performance with increased traffic
  • Aligned staffing to traffic peaks
  • Optimized store shopping experience

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